Watch Hunter Hayes' 'Artist To Watch Live' Performance Streaming Live On From NYC's Webster Hall!

Livestream Hunter Hayes' MTV Artist To Watch Live performance at Webster Hall this June!

Livestream Hunter Hayes' MTV "Artist To Watch" performance at NYC's Webster Hall on Tuesday, June 18!

+ UPDATE: Thank you for watching Hunter Hayes' MTV "Artist To Watch" Live performance! Stay tuned for live performance videos!

We've been going a little nuts over up-and-coming country superstar/singer-songwriter Hunter Hayes, and for good reason: Not only has he co-written songs for Rascal Flatts ("Play") and toured with Carrie Underwood, but Hunter's been nominated for THREE 2013 Grammy Awards!! Oh, um, did we mention dude's only 21 years old? *Bangs head against wall* Now, the way we see things, you have a few options here: You could spend time ogling Hunter's perfect blond hair while listening to "Wanted" and "Somebody's Heartbreak," OR you could ogle him RIGHT NOW at Hunter's "Artist To Watch" live show at NYC's Webster Hall featuring special guests Ashley Monroe and Striking Matches! That's right, our fave Artist To Watch is invading NYC RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. Not in NYC? Not to worry -- MTV will be livestreaming Hunter's set for all y'all. Because we're givers like that. And because we like to ogle.

Photo credit: Atlantic