OMG Alert: Win A Dream Date With Adam Levine!

Make a donation to charity for the chance to get some quality face time with Adam Levine?? SIGN US UP.

UMMM... donating to charity for a chance to meet Adam Levine?? SIGN US UP.

It goes without saying that we would do ANYTHING to win a date with Adam Levine. Of course, snagging a date with Adam is, well... IMPOSSIBLE. However, we are now one step closer to securing a little private time with the Maroon 5 frontman, thanks to Omaze (an online fundraising platform that allows fans to win amazing things like DATES with celebrities and give back to social causes). And did we mention that this benefits an incredible charity called Aid Still Required? Sadly, we assume that this "Adam Levine private time" will be supervised and in public during the day, but we'll take what we can get.

So here's how it works: For the next two weeks, anyone can enter to win a chance to fly to Los Angeles with a friend to meet Adam backstage at "The Voice" before watching the show live. All you have to do to win this dream date with Adam is visit and make a $10 donation to Aid Still Required, a charity that raises money for causes that have since dropped off headlines, like Darfur, the earthquake in Haiti. (Four donations provides 40 hours of trauma relief for rape and PTSD victims in Haiti.)

Seriously, the chance to hang with Adam and support an incredibly worthy cause?? Is there anything to even talk about? We're donating this very moment, so you should too. Done and done.

Photo credit: Omaze