New Song: Miguel Featuring Kendrick Lamar ‘How Many Drinks? (Remix)’

Miguel and Kendrick Lamar have a tipsy night in “How Many Drinks? (Remix).”

Neo-soul singer Miguel’s second album, Kaleidoscope Dream, was released around the same time last fall as Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore disc, Good Kid, m.A.A.d City, so it almost feels serendipitous that these two breakthrough artists of 2012 would collabo. On his latest single, “How Many Drinks? (Remix),” Miguel teams up with Kendrick for a night out on the town where they get a lil’ tipsy, chat up some ladies, and try to schedule a sexy sleepover. Sure, you want to judge, sure, but how many of y’all wouldn’t go home with Miguel and/or Kendrick?

Listen to Miguel featuring Kendrick Lamar’s “How Many Drinks? (Remix)” after the jump.

Over a sensual, lush beat, “How Many Drinks (Remix)” features Miguel crooning sweet nothings to a lucky lady in the club. “Temptation, is calling your name/ Sweet persuasion, baby this is a game/ Come closer, baby, if you like what you hear/ Impression, is what I’m makin’ you feel,” he seductively sings in his trademark falsetto. (Yeah, dude is not going home alone.) K-Dot joins his bro’s player efforts by adding a flip on his own “Swimming Pools (Drank)” verse, but with a sexy spin: “Pool full of liquor then we dive… in it/ Knowin’ if I lick her I might die… in it/ Then reincarnate as a fly… gymnast/ Just to flip my tongue on you, this the Olympics.” Somehow we feel like these two aren’t going to end up back at home watching infomercials (though take it from us: a SlapChop is totally WORTH IT).

+ Listen to Miguel featuring Kendrick Lamar’s “How Many Drinks? (Remix).”

Photo credit: RCA