Watch A Blonde Beyonce Twerk It Out In Her Latest 'Grown Woman' Teaser! (VIDEO)

Beyonce Grown Woman

Get another taste of Beyonce's "Grown Woman" before it drops! 

We got a taste of Beyoncé's new track "Grown Woman" when it bravely soundtracked the best Pepsi ad EVAR. Now, we've got yet another "Grown Woman" teaser, only this time, it's in the form of a SLIGHTLY ambiguous clip featuring Beyoncé in a blonde Brigitte Bardot wig and twerking it out with her dancers! Can the actual "Grown Woman" single be THAT FAR BEHIND?

Watch Beyonce's "Grown Woman" teaser after the jump.

While Beyoncé's latest "Grown Woman" teaser is only 12 seconds long and def gives us a taste of what's to come (DROP THE DAMN SONG ALREADY!), we can't quite be sure what these brand-new visuals represent. There's Beyoncé looking all hot and blonde, there she is pushing a cart of Pepsi, and there she is working out in the dance studio! So we're kinda like, is this some behind-the-scenes footage from a hopefully forthcoming "Grown Woman" video? Or perhaps yet another Pepsi ad? And then we're like, could this be compiled footage from Bey's first Pepsi ad? It's all very mysterious, but we think the larger question here is, DO WE EVEN CARE? At least we're hearing some more "Grown Woman," which by the way we cannot WAIT to hear in full. So really, what's there to complain about? "Grown Woman" is on its way!

Watch Beyoncé's "Grown Woman" teaser.

Photo credit: Icaro Felipe's Youtube