Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Basically Just Totally F***ing With Us Now, Right? (PHOTO)

Rihanna and Chris Brown snapped a couple selfie.

First Chris and Rihanna are together, then they're not, then they're taking couple selfies. This is exhausting!

There are a lot of things that we totally get in life, like why chocolate is delicious, why watching romantic comedies and painting your nails with a face mask on is relaxing, and why a "Hills" marathon is a great way to kill a Sunday. But then there are things we 100 percent do NOT get, like Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship, which is starting to evolve into the equivalent of a bad magic trick -- first you see it, now you don't!

Snapped driving together on a sun-kissed car ride (or maybe that's just the Instagram filter), Rihanna posted her couple selfie photo on Instagram with the caption "This s*** look like a toupee." Honestly, Ri, we're happy for y'all, but we feel like we're getting VERY mixed messages here. To quote Marvin Gaye, "What's Going On?" 'Cause we thought you guys were broken up!! Didn't Chris JUST tell L.A.'s Power 106 that he wasn't with Rihanna anymore? Guess things DO change overnight? We're just starting to feel a little led on, is all -- Chris says one thing, but everyone knows social media tells the truth! Well, hey, at least Chris is wearing a seat belt. (Just remember that relationships in a mirror may be closer than they appear.)

Photo credit: @badgalriri