Ke$ha Adds A Unicorn-Looking Horse To Her Animal Collection! (PHOTO)

Ke$ha's new best friend is a really pretty horse!

Say "hay' to Ke$ha's new horse!

Maybe you want to hang out with Ke$ha because she wears flower wreathes while crowd-surfing, or because she goes to airports in flowery dresses (both perfectly valid reasons). But right now we want to befriend K-dollar because in addition to her already STACKED animal collection, SHE HAS A HORSE! OK, it's probably not even her horse. But we never had a horse when we were little, so whenever we see people who have (or are around) horses, we just want to be their friends immediately. We also do the same thing with people who drive Ferraris... annnd people who have donuts. (Don't even try to figure us out.)

Watch Ke$ha's new MTV show trailer for "My Crazy Beautiful Life" after the jump!

The ponytailed "C'Mon" singer shared her pony photo on Instagram with the caption, "new bffs @kesharosebycharlesalbert." You don't even have to be an equestrian lover to be curious about Ke$ha's up to in this photo. Is she going to be glue a beard to the horse and put it in her mouth? Is she going to put glitter all over it to turn it into an IRL unicorn? Is she going to role-play Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen aka Khaleesi from "Game Of Thrones"?? We never know what's up her sleeve -- which is pretty much why we cannot WAIT to start watching her upcoming MTV docu-series, "My Crazy Beautiful Life."  Then we can watch ALL her horsing around unfiltered. (You're crazy if you thought we wouldn't leave this post without a pun.)

+ Watch Ke$ha's "My Crazy Beautiful Life" trailer.

Photo credit: @iiswhoisis