Video Premiere: Fabolous Featuring Chris Brown, 'Ready'

Fabolous woos a beauty in the Dominican Republic in his latest video for "Ready" featuring Chris Brown.

Fabolous woos a Dominican beauty in his latest video for "Ready."

When it comes to New York rap kingpin Fabolous, it's Loso's way or the highway. But you never know -- maybe he'll change his style for the right girl. At least that's what we're getting from Fab's "Ready" clip featuring Chris Brown, the latest single from Loso Way 2: Rise to Power. Shot in the gorgeous Dominican Republic, Fab's vacation is sweetened by a local beauty who gives him all kinds of special treats. MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER: We mean she's a maid who sneaks him luxury goods like watches and chains. But we kinda led you there. Sorry!

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Directed by Taj Stansberry, "Ready" has Fabolous checking into a hotel (shoes off and robe on, classic hotel attire), while Chris Brown sings from a picturesque cliff wearing what resembles a double-sided apron/tank top hybrid. As Loso lounges, he meets a gorgeous hotel maid who slides him an incredibly expensive watch on the low (um, can someone give us the address of this hotel, please?). Fab's impressed, so he gives her a very generous tip. (Cash! Not the other thing! We think...).

Wooed by her beauty and all those shiny gifts, Fab invites his new girl for a whirlwind romance in the D.R. while Chris Brown serenades them elsewhere in a mesh shirt (seriously, WHO did wardrobe for this vid??), and eventually decides to invite her back with him to the States. Will she go? We don't want to spoil the ending, but come on. Wouldn't you give up your cleaning job to fall in love with a rapper? (Uh, HELLO, remember J.Lo in "Maid In Manhattan"?? Except swap "rapper" for "politician." Basically the same thing.)

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Photo credit: Def Jam