New Video: Senses Fail, 'Mi Amor'

Watch Senses Fail's "Mi Amor" video.

Senses Fail woo a pretty neighbor with black magic in their "Mi Amor" video.

There are a lot of different ways to get an attractive neighbor to like you. Being a friendly, normal human person is probably a pretty good place to start. If that fails, you could always go the black magic route and bring a stuffed panda bear to life. Seems to work pretty well in "Mi Amor," the brand-new video from New Jersey's post-hardcore quartet Senses Fail. At first, anyway.

Watch Senses Fail's "Mi Amor" video after the jump.

The problem with summoning spirits to seduce your love interest (besides the obvious) is that no matter how much you practice your dark arts, you can't control every factor -- her parents, for example. Humans tend to frown on, you know, bringing a toy home for dinner as your date. We've got a long way to go before that's socially acceptable, unfortunately.

The video, directed by Behn Fannin, is equal parts creepy and comical, and is a pleasantly incongruous choice for "Mi Amor," one of our favorites off the band's blistering Renacer, which we premiered last month. At least we think so -- the song is largely sung in Spanish, which we're a little rusty on, so it could very well be about a panda in love.

"We wanted to create something that would spur people to watch the video more than once," said singer Buddy Nielsen in a press release. "There are two ways to do that: Be shocking or be funny. We choose the latter. The theme of this song (and the record) is that love can change all, whether it is human love or panda love. I think it's a funny, cute way to show a visual representation of 'Mi Amor' and what it might mean to others."

It could have been even weirder, Nielsen told us when we asked about the concept. "We were originally going to do a soft porn/horror movie, but decided that no one would probably like that, so we chose pandas. Everyone, universally loves pandas."

Score one for the twisted imagination! It's a lot better than your average video, as Nielsen reminds us. "At least we didn't play in a dimly lit warehouse dressed in black."

+ Watch Senses Fail's "Mi Amor" video.

Photo credit: Staple Records