New Song: CSS, 'Hangover'

Hear CSS down bloody marys on funky new track "Hangover."

Hear CSS down bloody marys on the funky new track "Hangover."

"Never had a hangover till you," Lovefoxxx sings on CSS' latest song "Hangover," which is crazy -- girl must have a liver of steel! But then, the band's new single starts making sense: "Never had my heart broken until you, ooh, ooh," she goes on. (Been there.) The band said recently that "'Hangover' is like summer in space," which is totally a better description. It's certainly light-years away from the rock sound of 2011's La Liberación, not to mention dance-punk breakthrough jams like "Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above" or "Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex."

Listen to CSS' "Hangover" after the jump.

In between albums, the band lost founding member Adriano Cintra, but that hasn't slowed down the CSS rocket ship. Since then, they've done addition and subtraction by bringing a horn section and scuzzy lead guitars to keep up with Lovefoxxx's eternally spunky lead vocals. And "Hangover" pours out with a cocktail of influences: dub reggae, black-eyeliner electro, and Latin pop, making for the perfect concoction. All we need is one of those tiny umbrellas. Bottoms up!

The band's fourth album, Planta, drops June 11.

+ Listen to CSS' "Hangover."

Photo credit: SQE Music