Video Premiere: Five Knives, 'Messin' With My Mind'

Five Knives play head games in their brand-new "Messin' With My Mind" video.

Nashville's Five Knives are not country, despite their Tennessee home. In fact, they're not even "A Little Bit Country" (LOL, had to) -- they're a totally badass electro/pop/rock/rap quartet that's about to slay the game every which way (or should we say "cut the game"?). Seriously, we actually mean it when we list all of those genres -- think The Knife meets Yelle meets a vaguely angrier Hank & Cupcakes. Witness Five Knives' genre mashup for yourself in their brand-new "Messin' With My Mind" video, the latest single from their The Rising EP.

Watch Five Knives' "Messin' With My Mind" video after the jump.

Set in a trippy, "experimental white" warehouse, "Messin' With My Mind" features Five Knives jamming out to their record as a seizure-inducing strobe light fills the room (legit, you might wanna pop a Xanax before this one). We'll also take a moment to call out the insanely cool/scary Hannibal Lecter-esque masks the bros wear while lead singer Anna Worstell dances around, simultaneously crushing it in a leather jumpsuit. Is this the best song to throw on when you're trying to woo your new boo? Maybe not, but you should DEF watch it if you need to get revved for, say, stealing your dog back from your ex who falsely claimed ownership of it during the breakup. Not that we would know anything about that...

+ Watch Five Knives' "Messin' With My Mind" video.

Photo credit: Pretty Puke