New Video: DeStorm Power Featuring Ray William Johnson And Chester See, ‘Invincible’

DeStorm Power instructs a classroom of high school students in his “Invincible” video.

When we last saw DeStorm Power, he was playing a chained-up school janitor in the video for “King Kong.” Well, now it seems he’s been promoted from custodian to teacher in his “Invincible” video (the latest cut from his King Kong mixtape), featuring fellow YouTube superstars Ray William Johnson and Chester See. So, first DeStorm was a janitor, and now he’s a teacher? Will he be promoted to principal next? Maybe superintendent? We’re detecting a theme here…

Watch DeStorm Power featuring Ray William Johnson and Chester See’s “Invincible” video after the jump.

In “Invincible,” DeStorm, Ray, and Chester address a class full of students about a wide range of topics — everything from practicing safe sex to dealing with depression (we’re guessing this is health class). Up first is DeStorm, who rhymes about protecting yourself when it comes to sex, describing an anecdote about a group of friends who acted recklessly. After Chester hits the chorus, Ray chimes in on verse two about his struggle with depression and how he overcame it by realizing what was truly important to him. Whoa, best guest lecturers ever! Even though they’re describing different scenarios, DeStorm, Ray, and Chester’s messages boil down to one #truefact: If you use knowledge to protect yourself and help those around you, you can be invincible.

+ Watch DeStorm Power featuring Ray William Johnson and Chester See’s “Invincible” video.

Photo credit: Melly Lee

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