Justin Bieber's New Haircut: An Impassioned Defense!

Justin Bieber got a new haircut!

We're not sure how these Beliebers feel about Justin's new hair, but we fully endorse the look.

Something's up in Justin Bieber land. Or maybe we should say, something's "DOWN." Yep, after months of wearing his hair in an "I'm over 18" high 'n' spiky 'do, JB's decided to tilt the hair dryer in an old but familiar direction. Ladies and gentlemen, the Justin Bieber hair swoop is BACK! Only it's not quite the same as last time. Now there's no purple hoodie, and things are looking considerably more... shaven. Obviously this is Justin Bieber 2.0. Or is it 3.0? Maybe 4.0? Whatever -- as fellow fringe fans, we are ON BOARD.

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Apparently Justin's new/old hair flip has sparked quite the internet/Twitter reaction (and yet no one notices when WE get a haircut). Some say it channels Rihanna's short swoop; others think Justin's taking a page from the Skrillex half-shaven playbook, and SOME think Justin's follicles have stepped into comb-over territory, à la Donald Trump (WTF?). But WE say, let Justin apply product however he wants! C'mon, now! He's a grown-ass man who has every bit as much right to get haircuts as us! He might even have MORE right to get haircuts, because you KNOW he's got a huge salon budget. And sure, you could argue that his new and improved mangs (man + bangs) are a post-Selena Gomez / My World / 2.0 reaction haircut, but please, look me in the eye and tell me that you haven't ever gotten a "reaction cut," whether the reaction in question is to a breakup, impending birthday, new job, wedding, bat mitzvah... whatever. New haircuts happen. They don't need to "represent" anything. (But the internet overanalyze something? PUH-LEESE.)

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Photo credit: bieberfever.com