Video Premiere: Versus The World, 'She Sang The Blues'

Watch Versus The World's 'She Sang The Blues' video.

Versus The World return after a lengthy hiatus with a new video for "She Sang The Blues."

It's been a long wait for new material from California's Versus The World, a band made up of members of The Ataris and Lagwagon. After taking a few years off (their last release was a self-titled debut in 2005), the band is back with Drink. Sing. Live. Love. and a brand-new video for "She Sang The Blues," which features behind-the-scenes and live footage from the band's whirlwind international tour.

Watch Versus The World's "She Sang The Blues" video after the jump.

As you might imagine, seven years gave the band a lot of time to compile new songs and footage for "She Sang The Blues" while on the road. The song itself is about the romance of touring and the power of music to change your life. "My mother's records had me dreaming of a life out on the road," Donald Spence sings in the exuberant post-hardcore, pop-punk track. "We are what we listen to."

"I wrote the song about my mother," Spence explained to us. "She raised me on rock and roll. She started my love for music and my respect for artists. So I reference some of the records we used to sing together. Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson, and Tom Jones."

Is his love affair with touring still as fresh as it always was, we asked the veteran road warrior, or does it become monotonous? "It's always different," he said. "People you're touring with, people you meet. We try to always get out of the van and explore wherever we're at. We try to always find local food and booze and see what ever the town has to offer."

The best place they've been, he said, was Japan, where much of the footage for "She Sang The Blues" was shot. "Japan is one of my favorite places. The people are amazing, their culture, everything. I've never seen gnarlier opening bands before in my life."

Versus The World is on tour now opening for bassist Mike Davenport's other band, The Ataris, which finds him doing double duty. Hopefully it won't lead another long break like last time.

"When we took our break, Mike had been touring nonstop for so many years with The Ataris that he needed to sort of decompress," Spend said. "Mike and I had to take a minute and make sure our real lives were dialed in. We both started families, Mike has an amazing baby daughter named Fiona (she's sort of our band's little mascot), so we just needed to take care of the other parts of our lives. Balance is important."

That's the type of lesson, like a love of music, that a good parent would impart.

+ Watch Versus The World's "She Sang The Blues" video.

Photo credit: Versus The World