New Song: Hunter Hayes, 'I Want Crazy'

Hunter Hayes embraces insanity in his new record, "I Want Crazy."

Hunter Hayes eschews sanity on his latest track, "I Want Crazy."

We didn't name Hunter Hayes a 2013 Artist To Watch for nothing, y'all! (Note our use of "y'all" to let you know that Hunter is an up-and-coming country star.) But seriously, at only 21 years old, this multi-instrumentalist has already cowritten songs for some major country acts (Rascal Flatts' "Play"), and let's not forget that he's already been on tour with a little known act named Taylor Swift. Hunter's also been nominated for a whopping three Grammys (call us if you still need a red carpet date, bb!). If for some reason all that's not enough to prove Hunter's taking over EVERYTHING, then take a quick listen to his brand-new jam, "I Want Crazy," the fourth single off his self-titled album.

Listen to Hunter Hayes' "I Want Crazy" after the jump.

Set to a jangly, country-pop track (if there were a country Justin Bieber, it'd be Hunter), "I Want Crazy" has the "Wanted" singer requesting a "crazy" relationship, claiming that normal just isn't good enough: "Who cares if you're all I think about/ I've searched the world and I know now/ It ain't right if you ain't lost your mind/ Yeah I don't want easy/ I want crazy/ Are you with me baby?/ Let's be crazy." See, and here we thought that most dudes tried to avoid the crazy gals! Incidentally, this is great news for us, because now that "crazy" has Hunter's stamp of approval, we can shamelessly hack into our crush's Foursquare account to stage a casual "run-in."

+ Listen to Hunter Hayes' "I Want Crazy."

Photo credit: Atlantic Records