Star Spotting: Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger Wear Matching All-Black Everything (PHOTO)

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger dress in all black.

The couple that dresses together stays together!

It's been a minute since the birth of #Chavril (the romance between Avril Lavigne + Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, HELLO), but now that we're over the initial shock of it all, we've gotta admit these guys are pretty adorable! On previous occasions, we've spotted the couple holding hands while taking a casual stroll in Paris (twice!!), not to mention that one time Chad literally gave Avril an Olympic-size ice-skating rink to wear on her finger! (Why that girl doesn't travel with a private security guard is beyond us.) Now the Canadian cuties have been snapped in L.A. holding hands again, only this time they're rocking matching all-black everything ensembles! This is so cute, WE COULD PUKE. But the good "we wanna reactivate our JDate profile" kind of puking.

And did we mention that in addition to dressing together, Chavril writes music together? And nope, we're not directly referring to Avril's EPIC cover of her soon-to-be hubby's famous jam "How You Remind Me" (although that is a cover NEVER to be forgotten) but rather, Chad's cowriting credit on Avril's pop/rock new single, "Here's To Never Growing Up." While we knew Chavril's romance started off as a BFF connection in the studio, we had ZERO clue the brainchild behind Nickelback was capable of writing such a catchy, Top 40-tinged pop-rock banger. Um, can anyone say RANGE??? Also, wondering if Chavril's gonna play that record as the soundtrack to the photo montage at their upcoming wedding?? Keep us posted.

Photo credit: WENN