Video Premiere: Hank & Cupcakes, 'Ain't No Love'

Hank & Cupcakes have an one-on-one jam session in their "Ain't No Love" video.

Hank & Cupcakes dance like nobody's watching in their "Ain't No Love" video. 

Don't be deceived. Just because the word "cupcake" is part of their band name does NOT mean that Hank & Cupcakes are a kiddie band and/or a band that makes music like Eiffel 65's "Blue (Da Ba De)." Nope, the Israeli duo is vocalist/drummer Cupcakes and pedal board player/bassist Hank, and the band name is a hat tip to literary legend Charles "Hank" Bukowski and one of his real-life lovers: "Cupcakes." And if you haven't heard the band's infectious blend of electro-pop goodness, then look no further than their latest video, "Ain't No Love," from the EP of the same name. Oh, and one more CRUCIAL factoid about these guys: THEY'RE MARRIED! Like, an IRL married, rocking duo. Mazel tov, guys. We're getting some serious Mates Of State and Matt & Kim vibes here.

Watch Hank & Cupcakes' "Ain't No Love" video after the jump.

In the trippy performance video, the duo jam out to their new record while decked in super sick outfits (P.S. Imma need those sequin shorts ASAP). As colorful lights flash and fill the space, Cupcakes bangs on a freestanding drum, Hank does his thing on the bass, and the pair truly "dance like no one's watching" #BestLife. And yes, like you, we've always thought that phrase was kinda cheesy, but just watch this video and TRY to tell us that line doesn't directly apply.

+ Watch Hank & Cupcakes' "Ain't No Love" video.

Photo credit: BMG