New Song: K.Flay Featuring Danny Brown, 'Hail Mary'

Listen to K. Flay Featuring Danny Brown's 'Hail Mary.'

K.Flay and Danny Brown sing about regret in their brand-new song, "Hail Mary."

Meet K.Flay! This Buzz On alum can spit rhymes like a total boss, she can sing, and did we mention she has a dual degree in psychology and sociology from Stanford University?? It's, like, actually a joke! And the Chicago-born K.Flay has been seriously on her music grind these days -- not only is she gearing up for her first major-label debut disc (official release date TBD!), but she just unveiled her FREE West Ghost mixtape in addition to her brand-new, Felix Cartal-produced, and Danny Brown-assisted jam, "Hail Mary."

Listen to K. Flay Featuring Danny Brown's "Hail Mary" after the jump.

Set to a grimy, grungy, synth-laden beat, K.Flay goes in as she spits about regrets: "Don't don't don't let me cry / I’m not a sinner / Don’t make me testify / I can’t remember anything / Hail Mary tell her that I wanna go back." Danny's verse is up next, echoing K.Flay's earlier sentiment: "Somebody help me while I'm looking in a mirror/ Splashing water in my face 'cause I drank too much liquor."

About her new record, K. explained in a statement: "The song is about being confused and messed up and wishing you could go back somewhere but not knowing where that is. Which I feel like a lot. Which maybe means I had a past life as a possum or something. Felix and I worked on the track together, but it felt like it was missing something, so I hit up Danny, who killed it." Now, if only I could write a hit song whenever I feel full of regret instead of what I normally do, which is order Thai food and watch "Sex And The City" reruns.

+ Listen to K. Flay Featuring Danny Brown's "Hail Mary."

Photo credit: RCA Records