New Video: Becky G, 'Becky From The Block'

Watch Becky G's "Becky From The Block" video.

Becky G channels J.LO in her "Becky From The Block" video.

Aside from the unfortunate Ben Affleck subplot, it's our personal belief that Jennifer Lopez's "Jenny From The Block" is one of her best videos EVER (s/o to da Bronx!). So when we heard that 16-year-old rapper and 2013 MTV Artist To Watch Becky G was releasing a remake of the song, aptly titled "Becky From The Block," we felt a little trepidation since, well, YOU JUST DON'T EFF WITH A CLASSIC. But then we were all like, "WHAT TREPIDATION???" when we got word that J. Lo PERSONALLY co-signed this record, and even made a cameo in Becky's "Becky From The Block" video. And if J. Lo says yes, THEN SO DO WE.

Watch Becky G's "Becky From The Block" after the jump.

In "Becky From The Block," the "Problem (The Monster Remix)" rapper traipses through her old Inglewood, Calif., neighborhood -- directed by Chris Velona, formerly of MTV (what up, bro!?) and spits rhymes about how fame hasn't changed her one bit. That, and how if you wanna date her, you'd better be prepared to karate chop her dad and 30 (yes, 30) uncles: "If you wanna date me/ You gotta ask my daddy and my 30 uncles/ You can meet them in an alley!" Becky continues to party with her Inglewood friends, mom, and grandma until the BEST THING IN THE WORLD HAPPENS: In a magical beacon of heavenly pop star light, J. Lo and her IRL boyf Casper Smart pull up in a convertible and invite Becky to hop in the car with them! If that's not a subtle "passing of the baton," then we don't know what is!

Watch Becky G's "Becky From The Block."

Photo credit: Kemosabe/RCA