Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Took A Plane Selfie With Gwyneth Paltrow! (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato And Gwyneth Paltrow met on a plane and are now besties!

Demi Lovato and Gwyneth Paltrow = PLANE PALS! 

Here's the thing about being a celebrity -- if you're in a situation, say, on a plane, and you see another celebrity, "celeb code" dictates that even if you don't know them, you're allowed to go up and greet the star, because you're automatically part of the same exclusive club! And THANK GOD for that rule, too, as it is directly responsible for the above image of Demi Lovato and Gwyneth Paltrow taking impromptu selfies on a plane!!

Word on the street is that the "Heart Attack" singer and Gwen had a totally unplanned plane run-in! Naturally, both gals documented the moment on Twitter with Gwyneth tweeting, followed by a re-tweet from Demi: "Apple! Check out who was on my flight!" (FYI, Apple is Gwen's eight-year-old daughter who is obviously in love with Demi.) Oh, and the best part about this whole scenario? Aside from the fact that we now have a new photo to post on our fridge? Both gals were bare-faced and presumably rocking comfy plane clothes! Because you and I both know there is nothing more intimate than allowing a new pal (or any pal, for that matter) to see you in your "only for the plane" spandex unitard.

Photo credit: @GwynethPaltrow