New Video: Jaden Smith, 'Shakespeare'

Watch Jaden Smith's "Shakespear" video.

Jaden Smith gets artistic in his new "Shakespeare" video.

It's not like we didn't already know that Jaden Smith was "The Coolest" -- dude's the son of hip-hop legend WILL SMITH, big brother to Willow "Whip My Hair" Smith, AND is super stylish to boot. But after watching (and re-watching...for the last hour) Jaden's ultra-artsy "Shakespeare" video, which comes hot on the heels of last month's "Hello" clip, we've concluded that the Smith Clan King's "dopeness" level has just seriously been UPPED.

Watch Jaden Smith's "Shakespeare" video after the jump.

In "Shakespeare," Jaden spits poetic rhymes as he stands, deadpan, in front of various backdrops. Jaden initially appears in front of a wall of portraits, followed by a green-lit "I'm an alien in space" setting, and perhaps most importantly, a black-and-white wall decorated only by Jaden's shadow (ummm, metaphor, anyone?). Jaden rhymes, "And I’m sorry you ain't here/  Reincarnation of Shakespeare/ Just a few little things that I wanted to make clear 'cause I’m right at the top and I’m planning to stay here." We had no doubt about that, bb, although we're not sure that you should be worrying about reincarnation at only 14 years old! Whatever, Jaden was probably, like, an Egyptian Pharaoh in his past life, anyway.

+ Watch Jaden Smith's "Shakespeare" video.

Photo credit: Jaden Smith