New Song: We The Kings, 'Just Keep Breathing'

Listen to We The Kings' "Just Keep Breathing."

We The Kings get inspirational on their new single, "Just Keep Breathing."

April showers got you down? "Pretty Little Liars" separation anxiety? Or something worse -- gasp! -- than missing Spencer and A? No matter what's giving you the #sadz, We The Kings understand how you feel. "Just take a breath and let it go," frontman Travis Clark sings on the band's new single, "Just Keep Breathing," a track with a fun.-sized chorus that definitely requires full lungs. The inspirational track marks a new direction for the band: after the chiming power-pop chords of 2011's Sunshine State of Mind, "Just Keep Breathing" opens with an echoing U2-style riff and heart-on-sleeve lyrics a touch more cloudy than the band's usual Florida rays. When the band leaps into the whoa-oh-oh chorus, it's as epic as "Game of Thrones."

Listen to We The Kings' "Just Keep Breathing" after the jump.

We the Kings are gearing up for their fourth album, though we don't know how the guys will top the award-winning, interactive music video for "Say You Like Me" -- no pressure, dudes. Along with some new songs, the band's likely to serve up another headlining tour: "We The Kings, Breathe Carolina, The Ready Set Summer Tour???" Clark tweeted in March. "What do you guys think ;)" Time to get back out there, guys. We're ready for some sing-alongs. (And also for "Pretty Little Liars" to come back, June 11 feels like foreeeeeever.)

We the Kings' "Just Keep Breathing" is out on iTunes now.

+ Listen to We The Kings' "Just Keep Breathing."

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