Star Spotting: Katy Perry Jumps Rope For UNICEF, Plays With Kids In Madagascar! (PHOTO)

Katy Perry jumps rope with two little girls in Madagascar during her visit to the country for UNICEF.

Katy Perry shows off some stellar jump rope skills while in Madagascar for UNICEF!

OK, we're officially on to Katy Perry's all-too-obvious mission to make us swoon over the cuteness in her life. First, she has an ADORBZ moment with her baby cousin and the Easter bunny, and now she's jumping rope with some sweet little kids while visiting Madagascar! Seriously, one more cute Katy moment and our jaw might just 'awww' right off our faces! (Can that happen? Should we be worried? No, we're fine.) Also, is anyone else suddenly remembering their own playground memories and trying to recall all those awesome rope-jumping rhymes we used to sing!? Just us, then?

At first, we were going to be all, "Katy, what are you doing jumping rope and NOT IN THE STUDIO MAKING NEW MUSIC!??," but then we learned that Katy's visit to Madagascar was actually for UNICEF -- an organization that aids in improving children's health and lives all over the world (fun fact: Selena Gomez is one of their Ambassadors!). The "Part Of Me" singer visited a children's shelter and a UNICEF-supported primary school in a small village where she hung out, read, and played games with the children.

Basically, this photo is a friendly reminder that Katy not only wins at being a pop star, she also wins at having the biggest heart on the planet. It's also a reminder that every single one of us should work towards being at least half as giving as she is. And while we're at it, it's a reminder that there needs to be recess for adults -- we're serious. Why not?

Photo credit: Splash News