Video Premiere: Paramore, 'Still Into You'

Watch Paramore's "Still Into You" video.

Paramore's Hayley Williams explores her cheerful side on "Still Into You."

A woman in love is a beautiful thing. Correction: Paramore's Hayley Williams in love is a beautiful thing. Especially when being in love means waking up surrounded by cake, dancing with ballerinas, and playing in a sea of blue-and-white balloons. In the video for "Still Into You," which drops the same day as Paramore's eponymous LP, Paramore indulge their poppiest sound yet, breaking free of somber imagery from "Misery Business," "Monster," and even the apocalyptic "Now," to flounce around a pastel-colored house in little pink skirts (well, just Hayley flounces -- Taylor York and Jeremy Davis more or less egg her on) in Isaac Rentz's slice of Paramore pop perfection.

Watch Paramore's "Still Into You" video after the jump.

The "Still Into You" video is a carpet bombing of joyfully reckless abandon and a celebration of the best day ever, beginning with Hayley waking up in the girly-girliest room we've seen since Amanda Bynes' old "Ask Ashley" sketches on "All That." But unlike Amanda (then or now), Hayley's got no rage to speak of as she euphorically rolls around in bed, surrounded by endless "Eloise"-worthy baked goods and cakes, exuberantly illustrating love's highest highs (New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert = best boyfriend ever!!). Rolling out of bed leads to bicycling around the house, twirling with ballerinas (seriously, in what universe did you ever expect to see Hayley Williams twirling with ballerinas?!), and lighting sparklers outside with Taylor and Jeremy, all while the band's jubilant pop-driven track carries the clip into the lovebird stratosphere.

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 + Watch Paramore's "Still Into You" video.

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