Paramore Took This Adorable Picture To Remind You To Watch Today's 'Paramore: Live From MTV' Livestream At 5 p.m.!

Watch Paramore perform live today on!

Paramore want YOU to tune in to their MTV livestream today at 5 p.m. ET!

You know how the weekend flies by and before you know it, it's Monday again? Well, normally we don't fully come back to life post-weekend till our eighth shop of espresso, but today we are officially WIDE AWAKE because it's Paramore WEEK!! That's right: If you've been paying close attention to your favorite pop-punk trio, then you'll know that in addition to their upcoming self-titled LP, which drops April 9, their soon-to-be-released "Still Into You" music video, and their brand-new e-book, "Writing The Future" (which you can read here), today Paramore will take over MTV for a LIVE performance and interview at 5 p.m. ET!

Apparently the "Now" singers are just as pumped to see us as we are to see them, because they took this ADORABLE picture holding a handwritten sign scrawled with the tune-in time! Also, just because we're interviewing the band today doesn't mean you can't chime in with your own questions: Submit your questions for the band by tweeting @MTVNews using the hashtag #AskParamore, and Buzzworthy's managing editor Tamar Anitai will select her faves to use during the show. Now, if you need us before 5 p.m., we'll be curled up in the nearest bathroom stall inhaling into a paper bag. #Starstruck

Watch "Paramore: Live From MTV" today on at 5 p.m. ET!