Watch Snoop Lion And Drake Behind The Scenes Of 'No Guns Allowed' (VIDEO)

Snoop Lion and Drake discuss the motivation behind recording their anti-gun violence song behind the scenes of "No Guns Allowed."

Watch Snoop and Drake discuss their song against gun violence, "No Guns Allowed."

When Snoop Lion released "No Guns Allowed," his poignant plea to end gun violence (from the upcoming album Reincarnated), we all dropped what we were doing to listen. As someone who has been in the rap game for more than two decades and on the streets for even longer, when Snoop speaks out on something like gun violence, it holds a certain weight. Now, in a behind-the-scenes video from the "No Guns Allowed" video set, Drake and the recently turned Rastafarian reveal their personal motivations for recording this seminal song.

Watch Snoop Lion and Drake behind the scenes of "No Guns Allowed" after the jump.

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the "No Guns Allowed" shoot, Snoop went into detail about the making of his politically tinged track. "I wanted to create a song that was strong enough to catch the attention of people to let them know that we do care in the hip-hop community, and we don't like what's going on with all these unnecessary shootings," he said. Drake also expanded on his verse by explaining his relationship to a gun tragedy in Toronto that took two lives: "It hit close to home. I think, not only for me, but for my entire city... I looked at this as an opportunity to share something with my generation." So, when the hottest actor-turned-rappers in the game team up with one of the greatest rappers OF ALL TIME to call for gun control, you better believe that it's something to take seriously. Watch Snoop and Drake below.

+ Watch Snoop Lion and Drake behind the scenes of "No Guns Allowed."

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