Star Spotting: Jared Leto Found A TERRIFYING Spider In Australia, OMG MAKE IT STOP! (PHOTO)

That's a GIANT spider Thirty Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto is pointing at in Austrailia.

That's a GIANT spider Jared Leto is pointing at. And we're shrieking for days.

What grosses you out more? This GIGANTIC spider that Thirty Seconds to Mars' lead singer Jared Leto found? ORRR is it the bloody human ear he got in the mail from a fan? The correct answer is: BOTH! BOTH DISGUST THE ISH OUT OF US, each in their own special little way. However, we are still kinda jealous of that spider (yes, we actually envy an arachnid), 'cause it nailed one of the items on our bucket list: Score a photo with Jared Leto.

Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars discuss their artistic inspirations after the jump!

The "Up In The Air" singer shared the photo on Instagram (BTW, THIS is what we'd be doing if we were that close) along with the caption "Meanwhile in Australia... #OMGWTF." WTF is right. WTF is Jared doing standing there?! We get that he's an artist and real artists find inspiration in all places (apparently coming eye to eye with gross eight-legged creatures?), but has the man ever seen "Arachnophobia"!?!?! Doesn't he have irrational fears about spiders based on fictional '90s movies?! Now, excuse us while we get busy making our plans to NEVER visit Australia (or at least the spidery parts).

And yes, we know that Jared Leto/Thirty Seconds To Mars is easily inspired by art (both video and visual), animals, etc, but not all of it needs to be scary! Take their upcoming album, Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams, for example, which features zebra artwork by Damien Hirst. "It's kind of mind-blowing that we got one of the world's most prominent, provocative, and incredible artists, Damien Hirst, to provide the art for the cover," said Jared when we asked him about working with Damien. Learn more about Jared's artistic inspiration (minus the spiders) below!

+ Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars chat about their artistic inspirations and working with artist Damien Hirst.

Photo credit: @jaredleto