Beyonce And Jay-Z Look Disgustingly Adorable In Cuba (PHOTO)


Beyonce and Jay-Z went to (and looked perfect in) Havana, Cuba for their wedding anniversary!

We're honestly starting to get a little grossed out by how good Beyoncé's got it. At first her flawlessness was kinda cute, what with all those Baby Blue Ivy and Barack Obama bestie photos, but now that our queen has asked us to "Bow Down" and remember an entire decade's worth of Destiny's Child-to-"Single Ladies" moments via her new Pepsi ad, we just don't know anymore -- we DO have our limits, after all. LOL, J/K, we're totally lying! We aren't tired of Beyoncé! How could we EVER be tired of Beyoncé?? In fact, we're totally plotting to steal her summer wardrobe in a few months, judging by this disgustingly adorable photo of her walking hand in hand with Jay-Z as they celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in Cuba!

Touring Cuba for their wedding anniversary, the "Life Is But A Dream" star and her hubby, Jay-Z, were snapped strolling through the streets of Havana (and getting kind of mobbed by fans, from the looks of it). Beyoncé also silently announced that her pre-summer wardrobe WILL BE better than yours by rocking glamorous braids, red lips, and a tropical-patterned dress. Hov, on the other hand, looked the very picture of dapper and relaxed, with pure-white high-tops and an aquamarine polo. AND A FEDORA. Also, trust these guys to visit a country that almost no other American can (#embargo #politics) -- bet Jay got his hands on a ton of Cuban cigars, too. That's just how they roll (or, in this case, fly).

Photo credit: AP