New Video: Cat Power, 'Manhattan'

Watch Cat Power's "Manhattan" video.

Cat Power pens a love letter to "Manhattan" in her latest video.

Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, is a tale of two cities. First, there's the Atlanta Chan, who made her soul/blues-rock debut in the Peachtree Street liberal arts scene alongside artists like Magic Bone and Opal Foxx Quartet. Then, there's New York City Chan, who became a Lower East Side staple in the '90s, famously opening for fellow folk singer Liz Phair and cementing her career with seminal albums like Dear Sir and Myra Lee, followed by Moon Pix and You Are Free. And while she'll always have her Southern roots, Cat Power owes a serious debt to NYC, a debt she fully repays in her marvelously scenic "Manahttan" video, the latest single from 2012's Sun.

Watch Cat Power's "Manhattan" video after the jump.

Directed by Marshall herself along with Greg Hunt (who also directed Sun's "Cherokee" video), "Manhattan" is a Woody Allen-minded (minus the kvetching) love letter to NYC. (It also bears mentioning that in our current Brooklyn-obsessed, post-"Sex In The City" era, it's nice to see an artist praise Manhattan again.)

Rocking her newly shorn/platinum-dyed hair, a leather jacket, and fingerless gloves, Chan wanders around Chinatown, Harlem, and Times Square (among other 'hoods), occasionally stopping to rock out with a subway musician, play some b-ball, leaf through vinyl, and hang out at LES watering hole Max Fish. Sounds like the best day in the city you could have, minus the obligatory museum trip (which is obviously reserved for when mom and dad visit). Fall in love with "Manhattan" below.

+ Watch Cat Power's "Manhattan" video.

Photo credit: Matador Records