New Video: Little Mix Featuring Missy Elliott, 'How Ya Doin?'

Watch Little Mix's "How Ya Doin?" video featuring Missy Elliott.

Little Mix team up with Missy Elliott for the best dance party ever in their "How Ya Doin?" video.

To say that we're Stangirling (that's "Stan" + "fangirling") over "X Factor U.K." girl group Little Mix would be the understatement of the century. Because it's one thing to release your totally En Vogue-esque new single, "How Ya Doin?," and it is QUITE another to have that '90s throwback record feature the one and only Missy Elliott. Couple that with the girls' brand-new "How Ya Doin?" video (where Missy's wearing one of her signature uni-colored jumpsuits), and we're basically never going to recover.

Watch Little Mix's "How Ya Doin?" video featuring Missy Elliott after the jump.

The fourth single off the girls' debut album, DNA, "How Ya Doin?" features Little Mix whimsically dancing and playing dress-up in some VERY Spice Girls-inspired "Who Do You Think You Are" multicolored rooms. The girls' new record, which features a hefty sample from De La Soul's "Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)," is the fashion show's soundtrack. After Missy joins the party to spit her verse, the whole posse opens a magical door (because don't all great music videos have a magical something?) leading to a packed club, where the troupe parties the night away. It's basically the most colorful, energetic, and ridiculous dance party you've ever been to, and it kinda makes us wonder how Little Mix hasn't already pulled a One Direction-style U.S. takeover. (Oh, that's right, they're working on it!) Anyway, we give it six months tops until preteen boys are, how shall we say, a little too obsessed.

Watch Little Mix's "How Ya Doin?" video featuring Missy Elliott.

Photo credit: Syco