Video Premiere: The Features, 'This Disorder'

The Features

The Features: secret breakdancing lovers.

The Features are a band full of surprises. Take "This Disorder," the rockers' spiky new single: Are its "LCD" references an ode to iPhone addiction or part of an unhealthy obsession with James Murphy? Maybe both, but the band's video for the song builds its own weird world. It opens with suspense, the camera following a pair of moccasin-clad feet headed down a hall toward an elevator, footsteps landing in the song's rhythm. With the music's lean dance-rock in full effect, our hero makes it to a doctor's office in one piece as the video's quick edits build up to a David Lynch-esque freak-out.

Watch The Features' "This Disorder" video after the jump.

Say "ahhhhh": As the doc inspects the video star's eyes, he appears in a grand ballroom, suited up and ready to breakdance. Teleporting out of doctor's offices: awesome mutant power. Pretty sure the only sickness here is dude's collection of sweet moves, though we're a little nervous about the parrot in the audience: Beaks and spinning kicks seem like a recipe for disaster. But he wraps up his routine without any feather explosions, and without even a poof of smoke, he's back in the waiting room. Was it all a dream? An acid flashback? A really old burrito? Maybe the song's actually about hoarders. Clean out your freezer, dude!

+ Watch The Features' "This Disorder" video.

Photo credit: The Features