Star Spotting: Looks Like Britney Spears Is OFF THE MARKET

Britney Spears has a new boyfriend, David Lucado!

Britney's got a new boyf!

NEW BOO ALERT: Britney Spears is officially out and about with her new boyfriend, David Lucado! How can we tell that her relationship is "Facebook Official"? Easy! For one, the two are holding hands (pardon our "AWWs"), and Brit took her dude grocery shopping. And you KNOW things are serious when you start dragging your significant other along for errands. Cause otherwise it'd be like, "Why am I watching you buy toothpaste and Wheat Thins? TOO MUCH TOO SOON I NEED SPACE AHHHH."

The "Scream & Shout" singer was snapped holding hands with her new guy while exiting a supermarket in Los Angeles. If we HAD to judge his appearance (which you know we don't mind doing), we'd say that David looks like a down-to-earth Southern gentlemen (note the Virginia Tech sweatshirt) who met Britney in a Reese Witherspoon/"Sweet Home Alabama"-type scenario! Meaning, maybe Britney returned home to Louisiana, realized that she needs a salt-of-the-earth kinda man instead of a networky Hollywood honcho, and is gonna live happily ever after forever and ever!! Now, we know it's still way early and everything, but we bet that soon enough David will be watching Brit's kids tumble on the soccer pitch right next to her. Or, if nothing else, he'll at least help Britney remember to pick up some Tic Tacs at the checkout.

Photo credit: PCN