We're Never Wearing Makeup Again After Seeing Demi Lovato's Gorgeous Bare Face (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato starts a go makeup-less revolution in this close up photo.

Demi Lovato sans makeup inspires us to pay a lot more money for skin products.

You can stop rubbing your eyes -- this really is a photo of Demi Lovato without any makeup. And while it's true that we are desperately trying to find out Demi's exact skin regimen (because girl's pores, or lack thereof, are ON POINT), this picture serves as yet another reminder that Demi is our QUEEN. Why? Because she DEFINES the phrase "naturally beautiful inside AND out."

The "Heart Attack" singer shared her au naturel photo on Twitter along with the caption "Ladies, be brave today... take off your makeup and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!" We're loving Demi's bold, throw-caution-to-the-wind mentality these days. First, she jumps in a pool with all her clothes on, and now she's asking the world to go a day without makeup! And judging by how many Lovatics answered her by tweeting their own makeup-less photos, we're starting to think that if this whole being a mega pop star thing doesn't work out, Demi's got a solid career lined up in motivational speaking! Basically, all she would have to do is read lyrics to all her songs (like the inspirational "Skyscraper"), and our lives would be infinitely more empowered. Don't play, you would so sign up for that ish with us!

Photo credit: @ddlovato