New Song: Avion Roe, 'Skin Deep (Adderall)'

Listen to Avion Roe's "Skin Deep (Adderall)."

Check out Avion Roe's soaring, stimulant-themed ballad, "Skin Deep (Adderall)."

"The horizon looks beautiful from here," Dallas four-piece Avion Roe wrote on their site shortly after finishing their new song "Skin Deep (Adderall)," which is set to appear on the upcoming CANVAS Foundation Music Saves Lives sampler. They were probably referring to their career path, but they might as well have been talking about the song itself. Mixed by Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Senses Fail), the epic, sweeping scope of "Skin Deep (Adderall)" brings to mind a broad, beautiful horizon. And despite its somewhat depressing lyrical content, "Skin Deep" has a triumphant joy that's easy to get lost in.

Listen to Avion Roe's "Skin Deep (Adderall)" after the jump.

"Skin Deep is about losing focus of your life's direction," singer Evan Couture told us of the song, which is exactly the type of heavily wrought, soaring drama-rock that would be a natural fit for fans of Thirty Seconds To Mars. "That's how the Adderall metaphor fits in. The song was written with the hope that you can regain that focus even if everyone around you isn't ready to. It's also a little interesting that I wrote this song in about an hour. It's hands down the fastest that I've ever written a song."

The band, who you can vote to add to this summer's Warped Tour lineup, have also recently finished recording a 3-D video for their song "The Escape." Despite their huge online fan base, with videos like "Who I Am" garnering 500,000+ views, they still, somehow, are unsigned. That has to be some sort of clerical error. Someone look into that.

+ Listen to Avion Roe's "Skin Deep (Adderall)."

Photo credit: Avion Roe