Only Taylor Swift Could Look This Flawless And Unstressed While Grocery Shopping (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift even looks gorgeous grocery shopping!

Is that Taylor Swift or a graceful swan grocery shopping? We can't even tell. 

It's no secret that if Taylor Swift didn't perform at monstrous music events like the Billboard Awards and/or have legions of obsessed fans, she would probably spend all her time being a true domestic goddess! Because how happy does she look doing things like cooking in the kitchen and baking cupcakes with her bestie Selena Gomez? VERY COMFORTABLE. And even though Taylor can't be domestic all the time, that doesn't mean she can't take a time-out to casually peruse the baking aisle (we're guessing) at the supermarket! And look perfectly calm, collected, and chic (UGH) while doing it! Why do some girls get ALL THE GIFTS?

A red-lipped Taylor was snapped earlier leaving L.A. supermarket Bristol Farms. Unfortch, Taylor's brown-bagging it, so we can't see any of the goodies she picked up, but we assume it's all organic and healthy, maybe with the exception of the post-Easter chocolate cats/eggs/bunnies they sometimes sell close to the register (you know the ones). But seriously, who knew it was possible for an IRL famous person to look so calm and peaceful while being pap'd at the market?? Lastly, and on a vaguely unrelated note, does ANYONE else think that Taylor is secretly the country version of Sandra Lee from the Food Network?? We are so dead-on with that, it's not even funny.

Photo credit: WENN