Star Spotting: Paramore's Hayley Williams Legitimately Enjoys Signing Autographs! (PHOTOS)

Paramore's Hayley Williams happily signs autographs for her fans outside of London's BBC Radio 1.

Hayley Williams: The happiest celebrity ALIVE!

So, you know how sometimes celebrities say things like, "Ugh, being famous is SO hard because all the paparazzi camera flashes give me a headache??" And then you're all like, "But what about the free clothes??" Right?? Well, you're never gonna have to say any of that stuff to Paramore's Hayley Williams, because, as is evident in the photo above, Hayley LOVES her fans, loves signing autographs, and is also clearly in NO need of any extra strength Advil from the camera flashes. In sum, Hayley is the happiest pop star alive!

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Hayley was swarmed by throngs of Paramore Stans yesterday as she left London's BBC Radio 1 station (where we assume she was promoting music from Paramore's new album (!!!!!) and/or the band's new e-book, "Writing The Future"). And sure, we could imagine it was a bit daunting to see a giant group of frantic humans all chanting your name, but Hayley was all smiles. She was actually quite resourceful, too, when it came to finding more than one flat surface to properly give autographs! Because NOTHING, and we repeat NOTHING is worse than waiting hours for a celeb who is so rushed when signing their name, that the end product just looks like you could have asked your four-year-old cousin to "spell cat." Nice one, Hayley.


This woman is RESOURCEFUL.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News