New Song: Jake Miller, 'Let You Go'


Jake Miller croons about a middle school-turned-adult crush in "Let You Go." 

We've been a fangirl for Jake Miller ever since we first saw him frolicking on the beach in his "Runnin'" video and being a socially conscious dude in his "A Million Lives" clip. Now the 20-year-old rapper/singer-songwriter from Weston, Florida is back with a brand-new jam, "Let You Go," and if you thought our fangirl status was serious then, NOW it's officially skyrocketed to the level of camping outside at the box office before Jake's concert tickets go on sale. And waiting outside in the pouring rain to get them signed. And chasing his limo down the street.

Listen to Jake Miller's "Let You Go" after the jump.

Slated to appear on the "A Million Lives" singer's forthcoming EP, The Road Less Traveled (out April 9), "Let You Go" is a laid-back, piano-driven, and expertly produced jam that features Jake's primed-for-pop pipes and his signature rap flow. As the piano melody lilts in the background, Jake spits about a middle school crush: "It started back in middle school/ back when it was puppy love/ Now it's so much more than that/ Something I've been dreaming of/ It's crazy looking back/ Thinking 'bout when we were kids/ But it's funny/ My feelings for you haven't changed a bit." Cue a rousing chorus of "AWWW"! Seriously though, not only do we dig this song to DEATH, but it's kind of the perfect warm-weather jam! Not quite 90 degrees on the beach, but definitely like a 70-degree day in spring. In sum, sign us UP.

+ Listen to Jake Miller's "Let You Go."

Photo credit: Jake Miller's Facebook