Ryan Cabrera Has A Ryan Gosling Tattoo! You Read That Correctly (PHOTO)

Check out Ryan Cabrera's Ryan Gosling tattoo!

That's correct: Ryan Cabrera has a tattoo of Ryan Gosling.

If anyone understands what it's like to obsess over our husband-to-be Ryan Gosling, it's us. Heck, if anyone understands Gos-themed shrines, it's us, and that's because we built them. Ryan Gosling is a saintly alien sent down from Planet Perfect to make critically lauded movies, successfully break up NYC street fights, and look unfairly hot, bearded, and humble at all times. And honestly, it's not like we haven't thought about tattooing Ryan's face on our body, but setting that plan into motion is an ENTIRELY different thing. That said, the DEAD LAST thing we ever expected was for pop singer Ryan Cabrera to get a Ryan Gosling tattoo on his calf!! (Unless this is one of those two-days-late April Fool's jokes, in which case, we fell for it.) Also, you remember Ryan Cabrera! He's the singer of such songs as "On The Way Down" and "I See Love," and the guy who dated Ashlee Simpson and Audrina Patridge from "The Hills." Yes. That Ryan Cabrera, and he's got a Ryan Gosling tattoo, and his hair is still able to do that, so clap for that.

Well, all we can say is at least Ryan's new tattoo a.) matches his first name and b.) is only on his calf! Totally cover-up-able. Because it could be in way worse place...like right above the butt -- a Ryan Gosling tramp stamp. Then again, is that REALLY such a bad thing?

Ryan Cabrera is heading out on tour with Tyler Hilton, Teddy Geiger and Mikey Deleasa next month, which means you have numerous opportunities to see the Gosling tat in person.

Photo credit: Getty Images