Justin Bieber Got Not One, But TWO Covers For Teen Vogue's Music Issue! (PHOTOS)

Justin got two Teen Vogue covers!

Justin Bieber got TWO covers for Teen Vogue's music issue!

If you're going to give someone more than one magazine cover, it might as well be the bro who pulled the most EPIC April Fools' Day prank EVER, amirite? Being the biggest star in all the land, frequently taking his shirt off, and hopefully owning an IRL monkey might help too, but what we're really trying to say here is, we totally get why Teen Vogue gave Justin Bieber not one, but TWO covers for their music issue. Also, as a total aside: We are LOVING The Biebs in plaid.

Check out Justin Bieber's second Teen Vogue cover after the jump.

Given Justin's recent press troubles, we can't possibly think of a better way for him to brush off last month than by posing for Teen Vogue's music issue. Not to mention what The Biebs says inside the issue, when he divulges his favorite way to say "EFF Y'ALL" to his supposed haters: "Every time a hater visits my YouTube page, I get, like, four cents. So tell the haters to keep hating, keep commenting, because I’m making money." Damn right you are, JB. Haterz gonna hate, but at least they'll make you even more loaded (maybe even flush enough to purchase some REAL money pants).

Justin Bieber covered Vogue's music issue!

Photo credit: Teen Vogue