These 6 Seconds Of Beyonce In Her 'BeyHereNow' Video Are Better Than No Seconds Of Beyonce

Beyonce BeyHereNow

Only Beyonce could get us this excited about six seconds.

Beyonce is ready... for something. How do I know? Because she's got a Sasha Fierce (RIP!)/ feminist Baddie Bey squint, some leather shorts, a blow-out that's just ripe for the hair-flipping and a metal steampunk hand brace that's superfluous yet makes sense if you're Beyonce and your hands are closer to the Lord's hands than your own. Beyonce's cryptic new #BeyHereNow video, which she posted to her Tumblr, is just six seconds of Beyonce heaven set to chanty shouts and an R&B bass line that feels like the director's cut of "Run The World (Girls)," and it doesn't reveal much more than the fact that you should steel yourself for April 4, 2013 at 9 a.m. EDT, because that's when Beyonce will #BeyHereNow. And then all will be revealed, right? Until then, let's just keep watching Beyonce's wrist-twerk action.

+ Watch Beyonce's BeyHereNow video preview:

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