New Video: The Wanted, 'All Time Low (The Live Experience)'

Check out The Wanted's "All Time Low" (Live) video.

You can thank The Wanted's new "All Time Low" video and Tom Parker for this shirtless screen grab.

If you're rabid The Wanted Stan, then you may have already heard your bros' new single, "All Time Low." In conjunction with the song's official release in the U.S. (it's been out in the U.K. for a minute now), the boys have just unleashed a totally special music video to match! Why so special, you ask? In addition to an expertly edited montage of The Wanted's "live experience" (think an epic "bat mitzvah-style" mashup of the boys' biggest live shows), WE GET TO SEE TOM PARKER WITHOUT A SHIRT. We should probably stop right there.

Watch The Wanted's "All Time Low (The Live Experience)" video after the jump.

In the montage-y video, the boys play to packed arenas worldwide as crazed fans scream, shout, cry, throw bras, and try to jump up and touch them. The boys handle it with grace (natch), and there's even a quintessential "I'm a famous boy-bander" shot of avid fisherman Max George with a bra on his head. Also, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the in-between-show workouts! You know, the ones where Tom Parker and Siva Kaneswaran get so sweaty at the gym that they're forced to take their shirts off. Seriously, we have ZERO CLUE why the music industry spends so much money on production for "high quality" videos when all they REALLY need to do is take a digital camera to film The Wanted pumping iron at the gym. It'd be super cost-effective and THE HIGHEST QUALITY POSSIBLE.

+ Watch The Wanted's "All Time Low (The Live Experience)" video.

Photo credit: Island Records