Bruno Mars Chopped Off His Hair And Bagged It Up For Safe Keeping (PHOTOS)

Bruno Mars cut off his hair AND saved the clippings in a baggie! Cute…or gross? You decide.

Do you remember your first haircut? Well, considering that you were probably about two or three years old, chances are you don’t remember, but we bet your mom kept all that leftover baby hair in a plastic baggie, only for you to find it MANY years later tucked in a drawer (with your baby teeth), making you say “MA-WMMM!! and “EW!” Well, we’re sure Bruno Mars has had PLENTY of haircuts in his day, but apparently he has no qualms whatsoever about putting his clippings in a plastic bag and posting it for the world to see. That’s right: Not only did Bruno Mars get a big ol’ haircut, but he held on to the leftovers! That’s definitely not enough hair for Locks Of Love, so we can only imagine what Bruno’s reasons were — obviously our first guess is along the lines of “selling it on Ebay.”

See more photos of Bruno Mars’ haircut after the jump!

Posting pictures of his shorn ’fro on Twitter, the “Locked Out Of Heaven” singer captioned, “Cuttin the puff!! Da homie @themensgroomer,” followed by, “ITS ALIVE!!!!,” and “I’m slangin curls ova here.. Get some!” As much as we appreciate Bruno’s documenting his every move and haircut via Twitter, did we NEED to see photos of his cut hair on the floor and then in a plastic baggie? Not necessarily. Is it bringing up images of what happens whenever we clean the shower drain? Yes. But will Bruno Stans appreciate this overshare? DEFINITELY. Sell that ish online, Bruno! Or better yet, toss it out in handfuls to the audience during one of your shows! Glue it to the walls of your house and call it art! Do as your latest Twitter status says and “Make a mustache with it”! Use it as a throw pillow! The possibilities are endless! Aren’t you glad we’re around to help you with the creative process?

Photo credit: @BrunoMars

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