New Video: Bad Rabbits' 'Doin' It'

Watch Bad Rabbits' "Doin' It" video.

Bad Rabbits adopt retro porn personas in their '70s-inspired "Doin' It" video.

When you get an email from your boss saying, "If you don’t love this song/video then there is no hope for you. JK/not kidding," it's a little scary. What if we don't like it? Will we have to hand over our music writer badge and sit at home for weeks, unshaven, depressed, amidst a pile of discarded take-out boxes, while all of these music-based crimes in the city go unsolved? Fortunately, that's a scenario we didn't have to live out, because there was roughly a 0% chance that we, or anyone for that matter, wouldn't fall for "Doin' It," a new video from Boston's R&B-punk outfit Bad Rabbits. And if you see or hear about anyone in your area not liking this video, promptly report them to the music authorities, and we'll handle it.

Watch Bad Rabbits' "Doin' It" video after the jump.

The VHS retro-hued video, directed by Shomi Patwary, finds the band adopting retro porn star personas (shout out to Dookie Stank McNasty!), and watching as a group of ladies take over the band members' instruments. The song, a vibrant, horn-blasting, dirty bass funk-popping blast of throwback R&B charm, will appear on their long-awaited debut LP American Love, out on May 14.

"Shomi Patwary of KarmaloopTV had this concept of taking our boogie booty-shaking song and giving it a trippy intergalactic Soul Train-meets-Space Odyssey 2001 visual vibe," drummer Sheel Davé told us.

The premise brings up all sorts of important questions, too, like if there were a female version of Bad Rabbits out there, who would they be?

"The girl group would be TLC in the "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" era," Davé said. That's a pretty good comparison, though we personally think that Bad Rabbits, who frequently draw from the '90s R&B pop well, have more of a '70s funk vibe going on. So, which decade was better, we asked, in terms of music and porn? "Music in the '70s was definitely better," claimed Davé. "But current porn got way better thanks to personal hygiene."

+ Watch Bad Rabbits' "Doin' It" video.

Photo credit: Bad Rabbits' Facebook