New Video: Drake, '5AM In Toronto' (NSFW)

Drake goes lo-fi and to the volleyball courts in his latest video for "5AM In Toronto".

Drake goes to the volleyball courts in his "5AM In Toronto" video.

With the release of his third studio album, Nothing Was The Same, on the horizon (no official release date yet), we feel like Drake is probably trying to chill out a bit, forget about that Chris Brown feud, and live his #bestlife. Some people opt to let loose at the nearest watering hole, but that's not Drake's bag. Nope, for Drake, "recreation" means aggro rapping in the back alley of an all-night rec center filled with scantily clad women in the video for his latest single, "5AM In Toronto." But why shouldn't Drake kick back with some sports? It worked in "Best I Ever Had"! Whatever brings you peace, Driz!

Watch Drake's "5AM In Toronto" video after the jump.

Directed by Ram Accoumeh and Andrew Hamilton, "5AM In Toronto" features the "Started From The Bottom" rapper enjoying a drink outside while dismissing all of his haters (as one does). Soon after, Drake walks into what we think is an ultracool/exclusive bar (black lights make ANY club cool -- it's music video law), but NOPE: It's an all-night volleyball court with a bar! (That would make up for some sloppy spikes, but OK.) Drake proceeds to charm all of the women, per usual, while he continues his eviscerating flow. (Aggro Drake is OK with us, but we're kiiinda hoping he remembered to include more voice mails from Grandma on Nothing Was The Same.) Anyway, we've had our own share of late nights, but to stay out till dawn at the local rec center? Maybe we should try to TURN UP at our local Putt-Putt course? Or at the YMCA swimming pool? Well, if not now, then that's at least something to look forward to in our old age.

+ Watch Drake's "5AM In Toronto" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: UMG