Video Premiere: Davina Leone, 'Smile For Me'

Watch Davina Leone's "Smile For Me" video.

Davina Leone channels the '60s in her "Smile For Me" video.

It's a #truefact that long-distance relationships, no matter what the mileage, unanimously suck. Nineteen-year-old pop chanteuse and YouTube starlet Davina Leone seems well aware of this as she nervously tells her Army boyfriend that she's leaving for a nationwide tour in her new "Smile For Me" video. Ugh, career-crossed lovers! What's a budding star to do? Should she stay or should she go?

Luckily, the Miami-born singer doesn't fall to pieces when faced with another stretch of time without her boyfriend (who is permanently out of town himself, what with that whole Army thing) -- girl just sits him down for a private performance -- which completely reminds us of Christina Aguilera's own boyfriend sit-down in "What A Girl Wants." Someone did their pop history homework!

Watch Davina Leone's "Smile For Me" video after the jump.

Taking a stark turn from Davina's fully modern "Up All Night" video, "Smile For Me" comes straight from the '60s, judging by Davina's Amy Winehouse-inspired beehive 'do, Dusty Springfield vocals, Lana Del Rey-esque ball gown and Supremes leanings. Accompanied by a full backing band and three "ooh-ooh-ing" backup singers, Davina confidently croons into an old-timey mic (cue more Lana references) as she promises her boyfriend that even though she's leaving, "None of it matters, the glitz and the glamour, if I can't even share it with you." Guess Davina's man can't argue with the feminist "You do your thing while I do mine" egalitarian career approach when she's wearing a backless gown and doing all-vintage errything so well.

+ Watch Davina Leone's "Smile For Me" video.

Photo credit: Jed Music