Video Premiere: Angelique Sabrina Featuring Shontelle, 'Stop Sign'

Watch Angelique Sabrina's "Stop Sign" video featuring Shontelle.

Angelique Sabrina teams up with Shontelle in her dance-heavy "Stop Sign" video.

It's always nice to see "Buzz On" alums doing big things, which is why we're straight revved to bring you the premiere of 15-year-old Bahamian Angelique Sabrina's brand-new "Stop Sign" video. And did we mention it features Barbados native and "T-Shirt" chanteuse Shontelle? This makes us all like, "Our little girl is growing (and blowing) up!" And when we say "blowing up," we legit mean it: "Stop Sign" is getting spins on Sirius/XM AND making the rounds on more than 40 radio stations, which is all basically just fancy music biz talk for "EVERYONE IS FEELING THIS EFFING SONG."

Watch Angelique Sabrina's "Stop Sign" video featuring Shontelle after the jump.

Just like in her infectious breakthrough hit, "Pull Up," Angelique's "Stop Sign" is all about the dancing. Set to a top 40-tinged, island-flavored pop beat, Angelique and her pals (a troupe of fierce rump shakers, because natch) groove their way from a graffiti-laden city wall to the backseat of a New York City taxicab. Shortly thereafter, Shontelle, who's just bathing in fierce, pops up to deliver her vocal-rap hybrid verse. (And while we had no qualms with sugary sweet "Impossible" Shontelle, we like this vaguely aggro Shontelle even more.) Also, we continue to stand by the assertion that Angelique's a mini Rihanna on the rise! Rihanna should probably get used to the idea too, 'cause we don't see Angelique going anywhere anytime soon. Can anyone say CARIBBEAN COLLABO?

+ Watch Angelique Sabrina's "Stop Sign" video featuring Shontelle.

Photo credit: White Ocean Entertainment