New Video: Hot Chelle Rae, 'Hung Up'

Watch Hot Chelle Rae's "Hung Up" video.

Hot Chelle Rae chase a cute blonde around the city in their new "Hung Up" video.

It's been a minute since we've heard from expertly dressed pop rockers Hot Chelle Rae, but the bros are back with a brand-new video called "Hung Up." And nope, it's not a Madonna "Hung Up" cover turned pop rock (BOMB IDEA FOR THE FUTURE!), but rather it's perfectly tuned, perfectly crafted, quintessentially HCR pop jam, and the first single off the guys' forthcoming third studio album.

Watch Hot Chelle Rae's "Hung Up" video after the jump.

In their "Hung Up" video, the four HCR bros try to land the same hot leggy blonde, which sounds totally realistic. (Quick aside: Aren't there enough hot babes to go around? I've got four hot babes just dying to meet y'all, so legit tweet at me if you want in.) Naturally, four guys fawning over one hot babe is bound to cause a few inter-band issues, but in a weird twist of convenience, the leggy hot blonde morphs into four different versions of herself, and ends up walking off into the sunset with each of the dudes. OK, OK, I know that "sharing is caring" and all that crap, but seriously guys, no need to call in the Hot Leggy Blonde Cloning lab! I'm telling you, I've got four IRL hot babes lined up for you, so no need to resort to desperate scientific measures! After all, everyone dating the same girl might get confusing and maybe a smidge incestuous? (I'm not actually judging; I'm just hardcore lobbying for my friends to date famous musicians!)

+ Watch Hot Chelle Rae's "Hung Up" video

Photo credit: RCA Records