Video Premiere: Have Mercy, 'Let's Talk About Your Hair'

Watch Have Mercy's "Let's Talk About Your Hair" video.

Have Mercy discuss awkward ex encounters in their "Let's Talk About Your Hair" video.

This is going to happen someday. You'll meet someone. You'll fall in love. You'll be in love. You'll think it's going to be like this forever. It won't. You'll break up. Nothing will matter anymore. Until it does again. It sneaks up on you. You'll feel normal for the first time in as long you can remember. What were you even so crazy about in the first place? Things are better now. Then you'll bump into the person in question again. Down the line somewhere. Couple months maybe. A year. Maybe in a place you used to go together. Could be you're alone. Maybe he or she's with someone else. Maybe you are. You'll catch each other's eye. You'll want to say hi. "Hi." Nervous. Share an old joke. Briefly. Then what? This is awkward. "You look good though." "You too." "..." "Look at your hair, haha it's so much longer." "Oh, yeah." "..." "OK, it was nice to see you." "It was nice to see you, too."

This is what it will sound like. This song by Maryland's Have Mercy. This is what it will feel like, actually. This song right here. "Let's Talk About Your Hair."

Watch Have Mercy's "Let's Talk About Your Hair" video after the jump.

In "Let's Talk About Your Hair," a single from last year's My Oldest Friend EP and the upcoming J. Robbins-produced The Earth Pushed Back (out May 21 on Topshelf Records), the Baltimore four-piece tear through a shimmering cascade of guitar noise and harrowing vocals. It's a studio/live show clip that distills the song (which calls to mind Glasgow's Aerogramme) to its bare bones; there's enough drama going on in the track to hold your attention for days. In fact, we've been playing it on repeat for so long that our own significant others are starting to act worried. Sorry, significant other, this song is our girlfriend now.

"But I know that you know that I know that you don't really care," guitarist Brian Swindle sings. "Let's talk about your hair and how it's grown and how we know that we're not getting anywhere."

"The song is really about meeting up with someone months after a breakup," Swindle told us. "It's a real story. Spending one night with an ex and seeing if you can rekindle something that shouldn't be rekindled. The line 'let's talk about your hair' is just about making pointless conversation to keep things going, when in reality you know it's not getting anywhere.'"

For the video, shot by the band's friend Tyler Davis, they eschewed an over-the-top production, Swindle explained. "We could've done a video with a huge story line and made it very dramatic, but even though our music is very serious, we are the most immature 20-something-year-olds I know."

"The video was a lot of fun to shoot. We filmed at a show we played in Baltimore, our studio time with J. Robbins, and in our practice space. I like it because if someone watches it they really get a taste of our personalities. We take our music very serious, but we love to have a good time with it as well. And that's how it should be."

+ Watch Have Mercy's "Let's Talk About Your Hair" video, and pre-order their The Earth Pushed Back album.

Photo credit: Rory McAllister