Beyonce And Blue Ivy's Matching 'Mrs. Carter Show' Chairs Are Your Daily 'Aww'! (PHOTO)

Beyonce got a mini "tour chair" for Blue Ivy!

Blue Ivy's going on tour with Beyoncé! 

Just try and tell me that baby Blue Ivy isn't the fiercest toddler in "Mommy and Me" class! Oh, what's that? You tried and FAILED? Yeah, obviously you did, because on what planet is the royal spawn of Beyoncé and Jay-Z NOT 10 times cooler than everyone you know? Just this week, baby Blue was seen out and about running "errands" with her mom, you know, the Queen (don't forget to "Bow Down"). And was she wearing normal kid shoes? NOPE, just some baby-size Timberland boots (that we think would go super well with her "Watch The Throne" T-shirt). And now, before the age of, you know, THREE, Blue Ivy's already embarking on her first world tour, which comes fully equipped with her own TOUR CHAIR. (Side note: We didn't know that "tour chairs," the presumed cousin of "director chairs," were a "thing," but if Bey says they are, then they are.)

True to form, the "Life Is But A Dream" star shared Blue Ivy's "tour chair" on Instagram. As you should already know, Beyoncé's getting ready to kick off her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, and obviously she's not leaving Blue behind. But do you really think a member of the Royal Carter Clan is gonna cart her kid around in just any ol' Baby Bjorn?? HELL nah! That's for amateurs. Baby Blue is probably already so chill that she's content to sit next to mom (while mom prepares to demolish the live performance game forever)! Only thing missing from this Kodak moment is poppa bear Jay's chair! We assume it will be "All-Black Everything" because, well, IT'S JAY.

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Instagram