Video Premiere: Surrender The Fall, 'Some Kind Of Perfect'

Surrender The Fall get cinematic in their new video for "Some Kind Of Perfect"

Surrender the Fall get cinematic in their new video for "Some Kind Of Perfect."

The music of Memphis' Surrender The Fall is a throwback to the days when glammy hard rock bands ruled the airwaves, so it's no surprise that their videos would call some of the classic tropes of the hair metal period as well. Their new clip for "Some Kind of Perfect," from their recent Burn In the Spotlight album, is a collection of  those timeless rock video themes that we remember from back in the day, but with a contemporary update. Clearly, Surrender The Fall has learned from their forefathers -- and they wanna ROCK. Which, I might mention, they totally do and they totally do well.

Watch Surrender The Fall's "Some Kind of Perfect" video after the jump.

To begin, we've got a young woman with an overbearing father who just doesn't understand what she sees in her dangerous rocker boyfriend, some serious muscle car porn, pyrotechnics, rocking out on the beach, wandering aimlessly on the train tracks, and some well-shot cinematography, all of which illustrate the reflective power ballad's message: "All you ever wanted to be was some kind of perfect," vocalist Jared Cole sings, whose ripped jeans and leather look seems beamed straight from decades past as well.

When coming up with the concept for their newest clip, the band knew they had their work cut out for them. "After shooting 'Love Hate Masquerade,' it was hard to imagine producing something that would compare," Cole told us. "Throughout this process I knew that we were creating something raw and savage that captured not only the song but translated our passion and energy to the viewer. I was blown away when I saw it the first time and can’t wait to get back out on tour and hear the feedback from our fans." Well, we think they nailed it, but the only '80s thing missing from the video is guitars that shoot lightning. Can't get everything perfect on the first try.

+ Watch Surrender The Fall's "Some Kind Of Perfect" video.

Photo credit: Rum Bum Records