Video Premiere: Chris Brown, 'Fine China'

Chris Brown falls for a mob boss's daughter in his latest video for "Fine China."

Chris falls for a mafia boss' daughter in his latest video for "Fine China."

It's no secret that Chris Brown has partly modeled his music after Michael Jackson. He's repeatedly referred to Michael Jackson as his greatest influence, an influence that is all over Chris' latest video, "Fine China," from his upcoming sixth studio album, X. And although he regularly reaches back in time to channel The King Of Pop's footwork and finely sliced vocals, Chris' latest clip is actually set in a "Looper"- like future, with him going up against a menacing mafia boss. You can imagine how well that goes over for Breezy.

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As "Fine China" kicks off, Chris rolls up to a lavish house in a Lamborghini, while inside an infuriated father (and Triad mob boss AND the Dharma Initiative guy from "LOST"!!) lectures his daughter about her "outsider" boyfriend. Guess no one ever told the boss that the worst thing he could do was to FORBID his daughter from seeing Chris, because no sooner are the words out of his mouth does his daughter march out of her house and back into Chris' arms. (That's Dating a Bad Boy 101.) The two speed off into the neo-futuristic city and show up to a club ready to have a great time, but of course, some mobsters show up to split them up. Chris has no choice but to take them all on at once (with some interspersed dancing, of course, à la "Smooth Criminal" or "Bad"). While Chris does a good job of handling the goons, he suddenly ends up in a standoff with his girl's dad and his entire gang. While we can't say how it's going to end for Chris and his star-crossed love, but we can say it's better to see him beefing with mafia bosses in music videos than with rappers IRL. Keep it fictional, Breezy!

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